“È andata come dicevo io”. Cassandra: Myths, Contexts, Meanings

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An International Conference, titled “I told you so. Cassandra: Myths, Contexts, Meanings”, will be held at the University of Perugia on the coming 7-8 October 2021. The conference aims to explore, from different perspectives, the significance that the character of Cassandra — so central both in the ancient world and in modern collective imagination — acquires in relation to the historical context of reference. In particular, in the four sessions of the conference, Italian and foreign scholars will discuss the figure of the prophetess not only in Greek literature and in the ancient iconographic imagery, but also with an eye to her modern reception and her relationship with the feminine. A keynote lecture by Prof. Enrico Medda (University of Pisa) will open the debate. The conference can also be attended online through Microsoft Teams: https://tinyurl.com/convegnocassandra.


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